Secure Messaging for the Public Sector


The Problem

Government agencies, law enforcement organizations and other groups in the public sector deal with sensitive data on a daily basis. In an active situation, radio communications can be overheard and may reveal valuable information, or unsecured text messages could be intercepted or forwarded.

Whether it’s private personal information about citizens or data regarding crimes or potential suspects, inadvertent or intentional release of this data could threaten the safety of law enforcement officers and their teams, as well as the general public. For these reasons, data security (and text message security in particular) is especially important in the public sector.

The Solution

ArmorText’s secure messaging platform offers a secure and easy way for public agents and workers to communicate. Employees can collaborate on cases, share documents, send photos and engage in group messaging without fear of data vulnerability. ArmorText also promotes law enforcement officer safety, as well as the safety of the general public, by helping to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Benefits of ArmorText

  Clean & Unique Design

Sleek, user-friendly interface encourages collaboration.

  Limit Vulnerabilities

If a device is compromised, all sensitive data can be wiped remotely.

  Increased Accountability

Ensure all parties stay on task with received and read confirmations.

  Easy Document Sharing

Quickly share case files, crime scene photos and more with fewer security risks.

  Lowered IT Costs

ArmorText works across multiple platforms, so you’re not forced to provide your team with matching devices.

  Improved Productivity

Agencies can deliver information quickly and easily, no matter where they’re located.


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